Araneae-class Assault Mech
Phoenix Spider Mech
Talus Lofn's Araneae Mech
Production information
Manufacturer Talus Lofn, Phoenix Wartime Manufacturing Corporation
Product Line N/A
Model Araneae-class Assault Mech, Mark I
Vehicle Type Assault Walker
Cost (If Applicable) Not available for public retail
Technical specifications
Length 200 meters
Width 200 meters
Height 100 meters
Propulsion 6 Legs
Max Speed 161 km/h
Power Plant M/AM Reactor
Shielding ...
  • Void Shields (Whole Mech)
  • Adamantite Shields (Body Only, generators located under leg armor)
Hull ...
  • Adamantium
  • Necrodermis
  • Heavy Adamantium Plating (Legs Only)
Armament ...
  • Polarized Plasma Beam Heavy Weapon (1, behind/between pincers)
  • Fore-limbs (2)
  • 12-tube Swarming Missile Launchers (6, radially-arranged)
Crew 1 (Typically supported by Phoenix Servitors and Necron Builder Scarabs)
Role(s) Heavy Assault Titan
Year Introduced (In this universe) 2219
Affiliation(s) Phoenix Confederation

The Araneae-class Assault Mech is a powerful Titan-level unit used by the Phoenix Confederation as a heavy-assault unit. The first Araneae-class Assault Mech was invented by former Tech-Priest Talus Lofn and fielded by him in the (Insert name here) War of 2220, where he deployed against an Adeptus Astartes scouting party that intruded on one of his 'testing grounds'.


The Araneae's primary weapon is a polarized plasma beam weapon that, while requiring a brief spin-up time, is capable of decimating smaller units caught in the beam. Typically, only individuals with extreme-level defensive powers or units as large as, or larger than, the Araneae can survive a direct, sustained shot from the beam.

The Araneae also possesses a massive number of missile launch tubes on its back, possessing a grand total of 72 swarming missile launch tubes with which to fire at enemies, although it can typically only bring 2 launchers (a total of 24 launch tubes) on a single enemy.

The Araneae is also capable of charging enemies at a max speed of 161 kilometers per hour, and when in range, rear up and slam its forelimbs into the ground repeatedly: not only does this crush enemies either caught in the charge or caught under the limbs when they're slammed into the ground, but also the slamming action produces a shockwave that can knock most smaller walking enemies down. A typical Araneae tactic devised by class-creator, Talus Lofn, is to charge at an enemy mech or Titan while opening fire on it with all missile launchers, knock it down, and focus-fire on it with the plasma beam, until destroyed.

One of the Araneae's more unique abilities involves its possession of a Mass Effect core, allowing it to decrease its mass considerably for a period of time. Combined with the Titan's considerably strong limbs and a small Necron Inertia-less Drive, the Araneae can literally leap into the air high enough to leap OVER an Imperium of Man Emperor-class Titan, while causing little to no damage to the planet or itself upon landing. It can use this to leap out of a sticky situation: during his mech's first field deployment, Talus leapt his Araneae into the cargo bay of his Monolith-class Battlecruiser, the PCH Vindicus Mechanicus, when Imperium forces caused damage to the mech.

Finally, the Araneae also possesses a small-scale manufacturing facility that it uses to build more missiles, spare parts, and even smaller drones, resembling infantry-sized Araneae, lacking the Adamantite Shields, but extremely maneuverable and possessing smaller (but still devastating) polarized plasma beam weapons, for use against anti-titan infantry. Any and all drones, however, immediately self-destruct if their parent mech either leaves transmission range or is destroyed.