This story takes place in around the year 2220, and tells the tale of the war between the Phoenix Confederation and the Imperium of Man, started when the latter unintentionally trespassed in the former's space.

Chapter 1: (TO BE DECIDED)Edit

Chapter 2: (TO BE DECIDED)Edit

Chapter 3: (TO BE DECIDED)Edit

Chapter 4: (TO BE DECIDED)Edit

Chapter 5: We AreEdit

(The Phoenix Confederation 10th Star Corps and the 4th Beastmaster Corps, alongside the Raptor Brood of the Phoenix Swarm, pushes Imperium Forces off of the PC Colony world where the Imperium has their heaviest presence.)

Chapter 6: Angels of DeathEdit

(The Imperium sends in the Adeptus Astartes, finally making major ground in the war.)

Chapter 7: An End, Once and For All...Edit