Dominion of Air and Darkness
Government characteristics
Type of Government Monarchy
Leader Li'Asha
Leading Council/Senate/Etc
Primary Military Force The Heralds
Societal information
Capital New Iconia
Official Language Various (English predominantly)
Currency (If applicable) Credit
Historical information
Formed From Various
Date Established 9/15/1245
Date Reorganized N/A

The Dominion of Air and Darkness is a Monarchy formed in the RE-524 Galaxy, when a human female was turned into an energy being by Iconian Technology. Now able to control the technology, but becoming mentally unstable, she renamed herself Li'Asha and expanded her borders, taking in multiple other races and technologies (including a race that was cloned, and the mindless clone being used for Li'Reva's body), until the Dominion began clashing with the Imperium of Reclamation.

The war between the Dominion and Imperium began in 1583, and has gone on since, neither side budging.

Notable MembersEdit

Gallery of Members (Doesn't hold EVERY member in the list)Edit






Ethereal FollowersEdit

Battle DroidsEdit

Ground Vehicle TypesEdit

Fighter/Aircraft ClassesEdit

Fighters and Attack PlanesEdit

Drones and UAVsEdit



Plane-based GunshipsEdit

Non-Combat PlanesEdit



Airship ClassesEdit

Starship ClassesEdit

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