League of Battle
Government characteristics
Type of Government Representative Democracy/Meritocracy Hybrid
Leader Champions Council
Leading Council/Senate/Etc Champions Council
Primary Military Force League Militia
Societal information
Capital Terstroia
Official Language Various (English and Japanese primarily)
Currency (If applicable) Credit (Exchange Rate: 1/100 Credit/PokéDollar, 1/1 Credit/Dollar)
Historical information
Formed From Various
  • Pokémon League
  • Devon Corporation
  • Team Magma
  • Team Aqua
  • Bakugan Battle Brawlers
  • Various Bakugan-based Associations
  • Vestals
  • Neathians
  • Gundalians
  • KaibaCorps
  • Various Duel Monsters Institutes and associations
Date Established 1/15/2195
Date Reorganized N/A

The League of Battle is a GTVA-sponsored faction that has begun developing at a rapid rate. Consisting of inhabitants from 2 versions of Earth, a similar world called PokéEarth, and the world of Vestroia, all of which have merged together into one super-world, the government, society, and even military is based off of Battling 'Games' that were integral to the 3 Earth Variants' societies (Bakugan Brawling, Duel Monsters, and Pokémon Battling).

Notable MembersEdit

Gallery of Members (Doesn't hold EVERY member in the list)Edit


Being a nation built upon Battling Games, it makes sense for the top 'players' of these games to be the ones elected as the leaders of the faction. These individuals form the Champions Council, the top battlers of the 'Battling Games'.

The current members of the Champions Council and their top battler are:

Annual Master Game ChampionshipEdit

The AMGC, or 'Annual Master Game Championship', is a tournament where the top battlers from every 'game' fights against each other. The AMGC has specifically designed rules to allow the various games to mesh easily and efficiently.

The AMGC always starts with an Exhibition Match, where the Champions Council faces off in a free-for-all.

Adaptions to the games made during the AMGCEdit

  • All games' power levels (Bakugan G-Power and Pokémon Attack Power Strength) are recalculated to match up with Duel Monsters counterparts.
  • All Summoned, Chosen, etc creatures use a Pokémon Battle-style HP system: any creature reduced to 0 HP is eliminated
  • All creatures are summoned onto Bakugan Gate Cards, and receive a power boost based on their Attribute.

Pokémon Attribute AssignmentEdit

Unlike Duel Monsters and Bakugan, which use the same basic 6 Attributes, Pokémon's 18 types don't mesh well, so the rules of the AMGC have assigned each of the 18 types to an Attribute. These assignments are as follows:


  • Fire
  • Dragon
  • Fighting


  • Water
  • Ice
  • Normal


  • Flying
  • Grass
  • Bug


  • Rock
  • Ground
  • Steel


  • Fairy
  • Psychic
  • Electric


  • Dark
  • Ghost
  • Poison


The League Militia is a decentralized Military Organization, split among the different 'games' of the societies.

However, 8 different warriors, Davos Galeron, a former Sith; Donovan Epide, a renegade Psionicist from the Terran Dominion; Xhaiden Epide, Donovan's teenage younger brother and a fellow psionicist; Nova Terra, a teenage Psionicist that the Epides rescued from Crime Lord Fagin; Maverick Gale, a rogue Cerberus Biotic; and the brothers Aeolus Gleipnif and Tynan Gleipnif, a Malig Knight and Sorcerer respectively, Aeolus from Nohr, but Tynan having been taken at a young age to Plegia; and Kyrell Hunter, a Enclave defector, have high positions in the Militia due to their advanced combat experience.


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