Lephantis-class Battle Barge
A Lephantis-class Battle Barge
Production information
Manufacturer Phoenix Confederation - Phoenix Wartime Manufacturing Corporation
Product Line Battle Barge Series
Model Battle Barge, Lephantis variant
Starship Type Battleship
Cost (If Applicable) 4,500,000 credits
Technical specifications
Length 10 km
Width 3 km
Height 3.56 km
Sublight Engine Unit(s) Inertia-less Drive
FTL Drive Unit(s) Inertia-less Drive
Power Plant Antimatter Reactor
Shielding Void Shield
Hull ...
  • Adamantium
  • Necrodermis
Armament ...
  • Macrocannons (50)
  • Torpedo Launchers (12)
  • Bombardment Cannons (10)
  • Necron Lightning Arcs (20)
  • Particle Whips (5)
  • Gauss Cannons (250)
Crew 245,000
Role(s) ...
  • Flagship
  • Planetary Invasion Craft
  • Capital Ship
Year Introduced (In this universe) 2207
Affiliation(s) Phoenix Confederation

The Lephantis-class Battle Barge is a Phoenix Confederation-exclusive variant of the Imperium of Man Battle Barge, primarily created using derelict Battle Barges and rebuilding them, both with Imperium and Necron Technology.

The class ship of the class, the PCH Lephantis is constantly being upgraded with additional technology, beyond the original Imperial and Necron Technology.