(Birth Name Unknown)

Vital statistics
Affiliation Dominion of Air and Darkness
Position Ruler
Gender Female
Physical Abilities
Psychological Abilities
Supernatural Abilities
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Species Energy Being (Formerly Human)
Height N/A (Energy Being)
Weight N/A (Energy Being)
Hair Color N/A (Energy Being)
Eye Color N/A (Energy Being)
Birth Information
Date of Birth (In Home Universe) Unknown
Equivalent Date of Birth (Year of Entry to this Universe - Age) Unknown
Location of Birth (In Home Universe) Unknown
Psychological attributes
Alignment Neutral

Li'Asha is the leader of the Dominion of Air and Darkness. She used to be a human, but has since become an Energy Being akin to the Iconians, whom she managed to replicate and add to her Dominion. However, due to her energy form's comparative instability, she currently inhabits the body of a mindless Codex Clone.

Her main enemy is 777 Errant Guardian, the leader of the Imperium of Reclamation, whom she's been at war with for over 600 years.



Due to her transformation, Li'Asha is mentally unstable, prone to mood swings, meaning she can be happy and kind one moment, and cold and cruel the next. At her core, she wants to do what's right by the universe, but her instability and the difficulty she has reading other people means that she has difficulty with this.

Li'Asha's Favorite SongsEdit

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As an energy being, Li'Asha has no corporeal form, meaning that most projectile and physical (and many energy) attacks do not effect her the way they would normal beings. In fact, the most common of energy-based attacks, lasers and plasma, have a regenerating effect on her.

Furthermore, her energy body allows her to shapeshift, although she requires assistance maintaining a form for too long, and needs to be within some form of device or she will disperse (a flaw she is capable of rectifying, and is in the process of doing so, but has yet to fully achieve). Currently, she's taken the body of a mindless clone of a Codex, which gives her a physical form, in addition to the Fluxed state of the Codex and the abilities associated with it.



Li'Asha's VehiclesEdit

Ground VehiclesEdit

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