Maverick Gale
Vital statistics
Affiliation Cerberus (Formerly), League of Battle
Gender Male
Physical Abilities Impressive Physical Endurance
Psychological Abilities Keep Tactical Mind
Supernatural Abilities Biotics
Equipment Modified Cerberus Assault Trooper Armor, various weapons
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Species Human
Height 6' 4"
Weight 158 lbs
Hair Color
Eye Color
Birth Information
Date of Birth (In Home Universe) 6/12/2161
Equivalent Date of Birth (Year of Entry to this Universe - Age) 6/12/2175
Location of Birth (In Home Universe) Freedom's Progress
Psychological attributes
Alignment Neutral Good

Maverick Gale was a Cerberus Biotic, who escaped from captivity. He'd managed to capture a Cerberus Dresden-class Cruiser before arriving at Terstroia during the battle there.

When the League of Battle formed, Maverick joined, and frequently worked with Team Magma. Maverick is a Pyrus Brawler and his Guardian Bakugan is a Pyrus Ravenoid; he mainly utilizes Ghost and Fire-type Pokémon with his Starter as Litwick (now a Chandelure); and he runs a Red-Eyes Archetype-themed Duel Monsters Deck, with his signature Monster as Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon.


Not much is known about Maverick Gale's past until his escape from Cerberus when he was 15, which involved stealing a Cerberus Cruiser and AI, and fleeing into deep space, eventually happening upon the Galaxia Relay to the Ophiuchi Nebula, which took him to near Terstroia. He arrived at the world in time to interfere with the Sith Empire invasion there. He teamed up with some more renegades and coordinated with them in an attempt to breach the Sith blockade and get to the planet.

Upon reaching the planet, leaving his AI to help with the space battle, he encountered Team Magma, when he helped Team Magma Admin Courtney Kagari and a group of Grunts escape from a Sith ambush. After the battle and when the League of Battle formed, Maverick joined as one of the fighters in the organization, and worked closely with Team Magma in particular.


Due to what he was forced to go through with Cerberus, Maverick suppresses his emotions: he shows them, but they are in a more subdued form. The minimal outlet keeps him from bottling them up, while at the same time showing a more stoic front.

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Maverick Gale is a powerful biotic, and one of the Biotics that Cerberus used in experiments. This lead to a massive increase of power in him, which allowed him to escape in the first place.


Maverick GaleEdit

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