PCH Vindicus Mechanicus
Hyperion battlecruiser by goreface13-d5qdery
The Vindicus Mechanicus
Production information
Manufacturer Talus Lofn
Product Line N/A
Model Monolith-class Battlecruiser
Starship Type Battlecruiser
Modified By Phoenix Confederation
Technical specifications
Length 1392.4 meters
Width 1188 meters
Height 448.6 meters
Sublight Engine Unit(s) Necron Inertia-less Drive
FTL Drive Unit(s) Subspace Rupture Drive, Necron Inertia-less Drive
Power Plant Matter/Antimatter Reactor
Shielding ...
  • Void Shields
  • Phased Shields
Hull ...
  • Adamantium
  • Necrodermis
Countermeasures ...
  • Cloaking Device
Armament ...
  • Gauss Batteries (200)
  • Macrocannons (7)
  • Lastech ATS Laser Batteries (16)
  • Lastech ATA Laser Batteries (16)
  • Exsecutus Cannon (1)
Crew 3000
Role(s) Various
  • Capital Ship
  • Warship
  • Prototype
  • Flagship
Year Commissioned (or arrived in this universe) 2209
Affiliation(s) Phoenix Confederation

The PCH Vindicus Mechanicus is the result of a modification and rebuilding made to a Behemoth-class Battlecruiser hulk found by Talus Lofn. It was the second such modification, after the PCN Monolith, the first ship of the new class of starship made.

The Vindicus Mechanicus possesses a massive bay for Talus Lofn's Araneae-class Assault Mech.