Mary Arossa, one of the most famous Human Painted
Biological classification
Designation Sentient
Classification Depends on what was painted
Sub-Races Depends on what was painted
Physical characteristics
Average Height Depends on what was painted
Skin color Depends on what was painted
Hair Color Depends on what was painted
Eye Color Depends on what was painted
Average Lifespan Ageless
Sociocultural characteristics
Homeworld N/A
Language Various
  • English
  • Various Others

An unusual race known as much for their malleability as they are the impossibility for their existence, Painted are essentially paintings that have, through reality warping or straight-up magic, been brought to life.

Due to the diversity of paintings out there, the various types of Painted out there are equally diverse.


Due to the various types of creatures, objects, locations, etc. that can be depicted in paintings, there is no set biological standard for Painted, as they can be literally anything, from humans, to animals, to robots, to tools, and so-on. The only things all Painted have in common is that they're sentient, have crippling cases of pyrophobia, and that they all either used to be a regular painting, or had ancestors that were once paintings.


Due to the diverse nature of the Painted, and their usual desire to integrate with society, the Painted do not have a set culture, as they usually adapt to the culture of the society they integrate into.