Solaris Brotherhood
Solaris Brotherhood Emblem
Government characteristics
Type of Government Autocratic Military Government
Leader Daniel Mitchell
Leading Council/Senate/Etc N/A
Primary Military Force Solaris Brotherhood Militant Force
Societal information
Capital Salamas Prime
Official Language Various (English predominantly)
Currency (If applicable) Credit
Historical information
Formed From N/A
Date Established 4/1/2200
Date Reorganized N/A

The Solaris Brotherhood was formed by Daniel Mitchell and his companions, Mary Arossa, Iblis Arossa and Garry Aethelweard, as their means of becoming known in this universe. Eventually, the organization grew all across their base planet, the abandoned factory world of Salamas Prime.

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Due to still being small-scale, the Solaris Brotherhood primarily concentrates on fast, powerful strikes or long-range attack. Heavy Weapons, while possible for them to produce adequately, are typically only used by their B1 Assault Droids.


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