Sovereign Co-Prosperity Sphere
The Crest of Sovereignity
Government characteristics
Type of Government Absolute Monarchy
Leader Azulongmon

Ebonwumon Zhuqiaomon Baihumon

Leading Council/Senate/Etc Imperialdramon Paladin Mode

Alphamon Craniamon Crusadermon Dynasmon Examon Gallantmon Gankoomon Jesmon Kentaurosmon Leopardmon Magnamon Omnimon UlforceVeedramon

Primary Military Force Sovereign Defence Force
Societal information
Capital Digiworld
Official Language Unknown
Currency (If applicable) None
Historical information
Formed From N/A
Date Established 10,000 BCE
Date Reorganized N/A

The Sovereign Co-Prosperity Sphere is a loose union of roughly three hundred planets in the north-western region of the Epsilon Alcyoneus Galaxy. It is lead by the four Sovereigns, exceptionally powerful beings, and beneath them exist the twelve Royal Knights, in charge of protecting them and being both the first and last line of defines of the Sphere.

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