Technocratic-Stratocracy of Belka
Belkan Emblem in Black
The TSB's Emblem
Government characteristics
Type of Government Technocratic-Stratocracy (Cross between a Technocracy and a Stratocracy)
Leader Chancellor Jaeger Nadja
Leading Council/Senate/Etc Advisory Council (Higher Authority), Council of Leaders (Middle Authority), Senate (Lower Authority)
Primary Military Force Belkan Defense Force
Societal information
Capital Strangereal
Official Language Various (English predominantly)
Currency (If applicable) Credit
Historical information
Formed From Various
Date Established 8/7/2197
Date Reorganized N/A

The Technocratic-Stratocracy of Belka, as it sounds, is a hybrid military/science state interested in expanding its military and technology. That being said, the group is not overly aggressive or expansive: rather, it seems more content with using its military for policing and defense duties. While civilians usually enjoy a wide range of civil freedoms, typically only scientists or military-men are able to partake in politics, and even then, only those that have proven themselves, making the Belkan Government work also like a meritocracy.

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The Technocratic-Stratocracy of Belka is led by the Chancellor, who is then followed in authority by the Viceroy. After them is the Advisors Council, then below that is the Council of Leaders, and the lowest of them is the Senate, who handle day-by-day Government Operations.


The Belkan Defense Force, formed during the Grineer invasion, is currently the primary Belkan mlitary, and consists of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air/Space Force, Tenno Operations Corps, and the Shadow Corps (the Belkan Special Forces). The Belkan Army, Marines, and Shadow Corps typically consists of a mix of a combination of modern and magical combat units, from the Army Rangers and Heavy Troopers of Strangereal to Mages and Clerics of the Ignia System.

The Belkan Air/Space Force is one of the finest Airforces in the galaxy, with more than half of the nations that formed the Technocratic-Stratocracy of Belka nearly specializing in fighter combat.

Belka starships, until recently, mostly consisted of Species 8472, Protoss, and later, Tholian and Scrin designs. Recently, however, the Belkans, now settled into their powerbase, have begun developing their own classes of starship, some following the trends of the Strangerealian airships and superplanes.


Strangerealean (Post-Grineer Invasion)Edit

Ignia System-NativeEdit

  • * - Typically uses a ground-based mount, typically a horse
  • ** - Typically uses a flying mount (will be specified)
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