United Republic of Nations
The Icon of the United Republic
Government characteristics
Type of Government Unitary Presidential Republic
Leader President Raiko
Leading Council/Senate/Etc United Republic Council
Primary Military Force United Forces
Societal information
Capital Republic City
Official Language Numerous Variants of known languages
Currency (If applicable) Yuan
Historical information
Formed From * Fire Nation
  • Water Tribes
  • Earth Kingdom
  • Air Nomads
Date Established 7000 BCE
Date Reorganized N/A

The United Republic was formed from the Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, Air Nomads and Water Tribes, in the northern part of the Epsilon Alyconeus Galaxy. It has laid claim to more than five hundred planets in the northern quadrant of the galaxy and is currently engaged in all out war with the Superstate of Tsuki. The current conflict was ignited by the United Republic, after border disputes over planets rich in ore.

Government: Edit

The United Republic of Nations, as it is officially known, is led by an elected President and four Councillors from each of the four principal territories.

Notable Members: Edit