aka Leinad Llehctim; Zodark, the Cybernetic

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  • I live in Kaven Base, Infinity, Korbaka Nui, you name it
  • My occupation is Hellcat Squadran Leader, Team Protectorate Leader, Crogenitor, Toa of Light, you name it
  • I am Male
  • IceBite

    Story Article Titles will be written in this format:

    "(Focus Galaxy Name Here) Chronicles: (Story Title)"

    In this case, the story's category will be "(Focus Galaxy Name Here) Chronicles", rather than just "Stories", which is the category that will contain the Chronicles sub-categories.

    If a story has multiple Focus Galaxies (as in stories where the setting is in multiple galaxies, rather than mostly taking place in one galaxy, maybe visiting one or two galaxies briefly), then the Story Article Title will be written in this format:

    "Intergalactic Chronicles: (Story Title)"

    In this circumstance, its categories will reflect the galaxies it focuses on.

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